AboutLeeds Blog is hosted by Leeds Civic Trust

We have decided to launch this new blog while our city is under siege with Coronavirus, changing our way of life, at least in the short term. What better time to discuss how our city should evolve in the future, mindful of the big leaps it has made over the centuries. We want to create a space where anyone with something to say about the development of the city, from its earliest days to the 2030s and beyond, can put forward their views for discussion and debate. 

Written blogs are welcome (up to 1000 words in length) as are images, clips and sketches or a combination.  The usual legal and ethical requirements naturally apply, and whilst the blog should be a place for opinions and the opinionated, it is not a forum for party political platforms. If you would like to contribute a entry for the blog, please get in touch.

What is Leeds Civic Trust’s role?

Our role is simply to administer and moderate the blog.  This is a blog for Leeds, not for Leeds Civic Trust.  We will post articles from time to time, but we hope that this blog will become the home for views from anyone with an interest in our city who has something they want to say. For more information about Leeds Civic Trust, please go to our website,

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